Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Want solutions to all those ground travel challenges that come with moving busy executives across town or around the globe? That's what we do here at We specialize in providing solutions to your many and diverse ground travel challenges. Whether it's taking a single executive from and airport to her hotel or moving groups of from 50 to 500 or 5,000, you can count on the Team every time. We know the ins and outs of ground travel, all over the world. We're Your Solution!

Excellence. Commitment. Quality-Control. These all are characteristics you'll find in each and every member of the professional Ground Transportation Team. Make our Team part of your Team today! We're your Personal, Professional Touch to customized convention shuttles, airport transfer services, transportation to out-of-town meetings and much more. We're big on making sure no little detail gets overlooked.

From Pre-Event planning to On-Site Support, you'll find your full transportation solution At Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure your event transportation runs smoothly.

Let us design the best solutions for your specific event. We'll manage every aspect of your event transportation and we'll even be there on event day to handle the details. You can always count on The when you need an extra level of service!

Our Event Transportation Logistics Team can provide your group with:

  • Custom designed and cost effective transportation solution, routing plans and manage all aspects of the event transportation.
  • Instant communication throughout your event between you, our dispatch, drivers, staff, venues, etc.
  • Efficient bus staging and dispatching, loading and unloading of passengers, bus counts, driver management, post travel reporting, receipts and more.
  • Your customized bus wraps can be placed on buses for branding for additional cost.
  • Staffing an on-site team ready to coordinate, meet and greet, answer any questions from your event attendees and offer assistance to those who may need it.