Faith Based Groups

Faith Based Groups

At we understand safety and reliability are important qualities when you are choosing a charter bus rental company for your next outing or service trip.  You likely have chartered a bus for faith travel and have come to realize that the lowest price doesn’t always equal the best value for your group.

Peace of mind and having your group on quality equipment is of the most importance to us no matter the length or distance of your trip. Our Account Executives’ are accustomed to managing faith based trips like yours and have provided hundreds of groups with fun and enriching experiences at discounted rates for your organization.

As a group leader or organizer, there are many responsibilities aside from travel planning under your supervision. That’s why is here to handle all of your transportation needs. We have a large network of bus operators handpicked in compliance with FMCSA safety and our quality standards. So not only do we understand what it’s like to be a part of a larger community, we have resources available for your religious travel.

In the event that a situation arises such as a bus breakdown or blown A/C our 24/7 Live Dispatch Center is available to assist you. The ability to provide you with a replacement charter bus is unparalleled as we have a national network of operators ready and available to get your trip back on the road.  

From the moment you call 877-474-4847 or fill out a quote, your bus chartering needs are taken care of. Don’t worry about the Bus Charter logistics, when you choose